Leading Locations Rent Apartments In Dubai – Family-Friendly


There are many residential areas that are perfect for bringing up a family with style, comfit, and luxury.

  • Waterfront community of Dubai Marina: The popularity of the Dubai marina is unmatchable.
  • Palm Jumeirah: Palm Jumeirah is well known for its exceptional beaches.
  • Al Nahda: the most affordable of the lot.
  • Sheik Zayed Road: Known for its accessibility as well as connectivity
  • The Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT): Best of all with affordability as well as luxury

Let’s go ahead and explore all five of these options on by one.

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Waterfront Community – Dubai Marina:

The popularity of Dubai Marina can never be denied. It’s the most preferred site among all homeowners. They have the best residential apartments there in Dubai Marina. The development is very well planned, as well as the neighborhood, which is exceptional. The location is fast-paced as well as much diversified. You will find all nationalities in Dubai Marina and it’s a great way to experience the various cultures of the world. Whether you have a big family or small, the Marina is perfect for you in every sense of the word.

The location makes it perfect as it’s close to the main landmarks like Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. Finding the best school as well as commuting to work is easier if you are living in Dubai Marina. Park, beaches as well as many malls are nearby, which makes it the best place to raise kids.

Many of the apartments have exception views of the waterfront. You can easily find 3 or 4 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina with sea view and the most comfortable amenities that money can buy. The rent for these is around AED 158k and AED 210k annually.

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Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah can be the best experience of your life waiting to happen. It’s surrounded by the most amazing views of the open ocean, exceptional restaurants, and most amazing attractions. This is enough to lure you in and keep you here for life.

It’s the most luxurious family residential area that offers you the best of all, whether its amenities or a perfect neighborhood. The area is packed with Choithrams, Carrefour, Al Ittihad Park, The Golden Mile Galleria as well as the Palm Strip Mall, The Pointe, from grocery to entertainment for the whole family, Palm Jumeirah has it all. The schooling in the area is great as well. You can 3 or 4 bedroom apartments to raise your family in Palm Jumeirah very easily. The apartments come with swimming pools, gyms, saunas as well as community centers. What more does your family need? The annual cost for these 3 or 4 bedroom apartments can be around AED 180k or AED 260k respectively.

Al Nahda:

Luxurious residential sites will most comfortable amenities are easy to find, but they aren’t always within one’s budget. However, Al Nahda is one of the best residential sites that are great and yet affordable. It’s the perfect family community to raise your kids and have a settled future. The community has kid-friendly parks, restaurants, cafes as well as state of the art healthcare. The schools in the area are exemplary as well. The apartments in Al Nahda for 3 to 4 bedrooms can be rented at the most affordable price of AED 75k. These come with pools and gym facilities.

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Sheikh Zayed Road:

Sheikh Zayed Road is the best location as it connects you to all the places in Dubai. You will never have to commute or look about travel and toursium issues if you rent an apartment here. You have Metro stations every 5 minutes interval. There are hotels, restaurants, as well as huge markets for groceries. The accessibility makes it the perfect place for people who commute to school and offices. Prices for three and 4-bed flats are around AED 160k and AED 260k.

JLT – The Jumeirah Lake Towers:

Let’s see what JLT has; well, it has everything. The comfort, the neighborhood, the community as well as the best environment to raise a family, the views are amazing from every apartment of the JLT. It’s a complete package, and if you are looking for everything, this is it. The community has gyms, medical centers, spas, and salons as well as a free zone for the commercial sector. Various nurseries and schools are nearby as well. Around the clock, security adds to the practicality of the place. For three-bedroom, you can expect to pay around AED 120k rent yearly. For 4-bedroom units, the expected rent is around AED 168k yearly.

These detailed descriptions and reviews will help you make a wise decision as to where you should settle to raise your family with luxury and comfort.

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