Construction Equipment Supplies by Scoop Hire


The construction industry is undoubtedly a very tough industry which requires a high capital entry level. This has rendered many small construction outfits to run out of business not because they lack the competency, but because they lack capital. It is a given that in order to penetrate the industry market effectively, a high amount of capital is required as the equipment used in the construction industry such as mini dumpers and excavators are expensive and buying this equipment would not justify the returns on investments.

The successes of construction units are dependent on a wide variety of factors and construction equipment items are the primary elements on this list. Over the years Scoop Hire has come to realize that the success of our company is directly correlated with the success of our business partners that we cater for. It is because of this reason that we aim to provide only the best of equipment for construction companies at affordable rates to get the projects done.

The range of not just popular, but also reliable and practical equipment ranges from the latest models from Kubota (such as their mini excavators, mini dumpers and an assortment of smaller items such as ground mats and auger attachments. All these equipment are made available for hire which are critical to construction projects. Scoop Hire owns a fleet of various excavators, mini dumpers and other construction related equipment which makes it easy for construction companies to execute their projects and not worry about increasing their capital inventory requirements.

We even provide free delivery and pickup services in and around the Melbourne area which reduces the logistical aspects of the project for smaller construction companies.

The current general market conditions has resulted in larger construction jobs being downsized, and demand for smaller construction jobs rising such as home renovations/ improvements and landscaping. Due to this situation, Scoop Hire has streamlined its business to cater for industry conditions by actively promoting mini excavators and Cormidi mini dumpers.

We also provide a range of auger attachments such as hydraulic hammer suits T Series 1.7 T, T series 2.5 and also the 3.5 T along with drill bits and other hydraulic components at very competitive rates.

Check out our website and you will be happy to know that Scoop Hire would make the perfect partner especially for smaller construction outfits. Just visit this the Scoop Hire website and have a chat with us.

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