A Quick Guide to Hire the Professional Painting Services


Painting is one of the quickest ways to improve and boost the value of a building. A room needs a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up and look newer. Although painting is a common DIY project for almost all homeowners, it might be more work than one is willing to do for some. If an individual lacks the time and skill o paint the building, it is better to hire Painting Contractors in California. Professional painters are well versed in finishing the project on time and within budget. In this article, listed are some tips that help one in hiring the best painter in California.

Commence with a plan

A detailed plan will let one save time and money. Some questions to consider when thinking of hiring professional Painting Contractors in California are:

  • Is painting an exterior or interior job?
  • What time of the year does the homeowner want the painting project to be completed?
  • How many rooms does the homeowner want to get painted?
  • How will the painting project impact the work or home schedule?

Research painting contractors

Once the plan is formulated, it’s time to start researching contractors. A professional painter must have at least a license and also insurance coverage. One can start by researching painting companies online and reading reviews. The best painting contractor will always have extensive experience in different types of painting projects and a long list of satisfied clients.

Get referrals

Most painting contractors are small and work locally. Services vary from company to company; while some only offer painting services, others might deliver additional services like repairing, trimming, molding, and wallpapering. Personal referrals act as the best leads for searching for a house painter. Homeowners can check out local community boards or can also ask their friends or relatives if they have hired any painter recently.

Interview the painters

In addition to checking reviews and getting referrals, conducting an initial interview on the phone is recommended. Here are some questions homeowners can ask the painters:

  • Will the painter share a few references from similar painting projects completed by him or her?
  • Is the painting contractor licensed and insured?
  • What brand and type of paint is used by the painter?
  • Is the price of pain included in the estimate provided to the customers?
  • How many coats of paint are needed to complete the project?

Get an estimate in writing

Contacting at least four painting contractors for an estimate is always better. The company’s representative will take a look at the house or building and discuss what space is to be painted. A reputable company will always send an estimate in writing.


When considering hiring Painting Contractors in California, consider the total price an important aspect. However, consider the company’s experience, testimonials, budget, and track record apart from the price. It is always best to work with a company that can guarantee timely project completion and that too at an affordable budget.

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